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Orbital Welding Controller EVO Series Industry 4.0

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Orbital Weld Heads by Orbitec

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Open Frame Weld Heads by Orbitec

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Oxygen Analyser by Orbitec

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Turntable Systems by Orbitec

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Orbital welding with Orbitec GmbH

Everything from a single source: rental, service and training.
International with quality from Germany.


Orbitec – your one-stop shop

Orbital welding is an essential part of today’s industry and is always used when high-quality weld joints and reproducibility are required. Orbitec is a specialist in this field and offers you as a customer comprehensive services from a single source. Purchase, rent and lease and receive services and training directly from the manufacturer, with a single contact person to answer all your questions.

Orbital welding – the foundation of industrial manufacturing

Modern orbital welding solutions are needed in many applications. The superior quality of these solutions and the jorseint quality make the use of relevant orbital welding equipment an absolute must in many industrial areas. To name a few examples. the technology is used in the semiconductors, aviation and aerospace engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and beverage, shipbuilding, boilers and heat exchangers, oil and gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies segments. There are also many other industrial

Powerful orbital welding equipment in many different designs

Orbitec GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of welding equipment in the field of orbital welding, and over the years our company has developed a whole range of different devices and tools, whose usability, precision and performance have made them attractive to users. Our product range includes a wide variety of different solutions, so you can quickly and easily find the appropriate technical device to suit your requirements and area of application. The great flexibility offered by the different devices for orbital welding makes it possible to achieve a very high level of precision and accuracy in your work, which can always be reproduced. Take your work to new levels with the appropriate high-performance orbital welding equipment.

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Sales, rental and leasing: Orbital welding with quality

As a manufacturer in the field of orbital welding and seller of a wide range of welding equipment, the Orbitec Group offers its customers a wide range of options. Not only can you purchase the various welding tools from us, you can also rent or lease them. Thus, our customers can benefit from the high flexibility of Orbitec GmbH and can choose the perfect solution to meet their own requirements and demands. After all, not every company needs to carry out orbital welding for every application. In these cases, a purchase would often be too big an investment. Renting an appropriate device for individual applications is much more cost-effective. We are happy to offer you comprehensive advice so that you can make the right choice for your company and your situation.

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Other products and solutions from Orbitec

In addition to the various welding devices, Orbitec GmbH also offers its customers a whole series of other solutions and products. Customers have access to a wide range of welding tools, such as the Orbital tube saw, welding accessories, tools and auxiliary equipment for seam processing, measuring devices and purging accessories. Here too, we only use the highest quality in order to comprehensively support our customers' wide range of work with our products. Our versatile product catalogue offers a wide selection of equipment, so you can equip yourself with the very best tools for all your orbital welding work. Various components, weld heads and other accessories can be found quickly and easily in our product overview.

We focus on top quality

The quality of our equipment is an important factor. Not only for our customers, but also for us as a manufacturer in the field of orbital welding. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of developing high-quality and well-engineered products that are practical, effective and easy to use. In doing this, we always manufacture in line with standard work processes in the field, and are therefore able to design our products in such a way that they optimally support users in their work and deliver perfect results. To this end, new devices and new options are always extensively tested and optimised at our production facilities in order to be able to excel in the widest range of applications. Orbital welding is a skilled trade that can be effectively supported through the use of optimised orbital welding equipment

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