Enclosed Weld Heads

Due to their design, enclosed weld heads offer complete top layer protection of the weld joint due to continuous weld joint fluting during the welding process with protective gas. This reduces the joints’ tempering colours. A corresponding set of collets is also required for each tube outer diameter due to the design.

The wire cannot be fed cold. The welds are made in the I-joint with precise joint preparation (90° – saw cut, face if necessary). Advantage: Enclosed weld heads are comparably narrow and particularly suited to environments where space is tight.

Enclosed orbital weld heads by Orbitec

Clever, customised with high precision


Our enclosed orbital weld heads stand for excellent welding results with a maximum customisation. For this reason, the implementation of Orbitec cassette-type weld heads meets the highest quality demands.

The Orbitec feed unit has a separated hose assembly and weld head, while multiple cassette weld heads can be operated with one feed unit only (exception: Microfitting weld head). This way a higher flexibility is obtained at reduced costs.

All Orbitec heads are also available in a gas or water coolant design and can be retrofitted as required (Exception: Microfitting weld head). But the gas coolant design of the heads fits the typical cassette welding head applications very well. When the thresholds of a cassette welding head are reached, the Orbitec cassette-type weld heads with water coolant design are recommended. Compared to other providers, the essential components for the heat input are sustainably cooled by a high water flow.

Little space?
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No problem.

  • Simple manual operation

  • Economical purchase

  • Resilient and reliable for its application

  • Comfortable use

  • Narrow design for confined space conditions

  • Perfect weld joints without nearly any colouring by annealing

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