Turntable System

Turntable System 230 S
Turntable system by Orbitec

The solution for non-standard components


Our turntable system provides options for the welding of non-standard components (which cannot be clamped in a standard head). The welding process is different from the weld heads and tongs, due to the rotation of the clamped component around the torch. A hydraulic articulated arm is used for the correct alignment of the TIG torch with regards to the component. The device has a hollow shaft for the formation of the inner component along the centre axis. The Orbitec turntable system is easy to handle because of its customized design.



  • Welding of non-standard components

  • Processing of high volumes

  • Alternative clever solution, customised, robust


Turn 230 S Turn Table

Turn 230 S Turn Table

Turn table, especially suitable for orbital components with higher quantities and can be connected to all Orbitec controllers.

Scope of application:
Tube size range: OD 10 – 230 mm | 0.393 – 9.055"
Max. load in horizontal position: 50 kg

Technical Data:
Chuck: Three-jaw chuck with axis adjustment
Swivel range: 0 – 90° stepless
Power transmission: max. 300 A
Weight: 88 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.020 x 360 x 750 mm



Package includes:

  • Turn table
  • Three-jaw chuck
  • Interchangeable jaws
  • Chuck key
  • Robust articulated arm with central mechanical clamping
  • Ground cable
  • Interconnection cable with wire and AVC outlet


Special versions available on request:

  • Pneumatic torch adjustment
  • Pneumatic centring and clamping
  • Pneumatic tailstock
  • Special diameters up to 1.000 mm
  • Special lengths and complete workstation equipment available on request
  • Special torch consumables
  • Item number
  • 1.2.1858

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