Oxygen analysers

Oxygen analysers by Orbitec

The first step to a perfect weld joint


Precise purging is essential for controlling weld quality, particularly when welding high-alloy, corrosion-resistant materials. Our oxygen analyser can be connected to our controllers for monitoring ID purge quality as part of the programmed weld schedule parameters (except Oxy Smart). The entered oxygen value (in ppm) in the controller is arbitrary. If not otherwise imperatively prescribed, a value of < 30 ppm is generally sufficient at the beginning of the welding process. Welding will not commence until the measured value drops below the programmed threshold. The analysers are calibrated to measure in the for welding relevant range below 30ppm up to +/- 2ppm precise.


High preciseness.

Easy operation.

  • Low annealing colouring guaranteed
  • Fast response times
  • High measuring precision
  • Easy application
  • Measuring of inert gases and gases with H2 proportions

Indispensable for top quality

Examples of the annealing colouring levels versus residual oxygen content are shown below:

7 ppm = 0,0007%

27 ppm = 0,0027 %

500 ppm = 0,05 %



OXY EVO Oxygen and Pure Pressure Analyser


The additionally installed purge pressure module can be used to measure the purge gas pressure inside the tube before and during welding. Perfectly flat, repeatable root formations can be achieved by regulating the internal pressure – especially for smaller tube diameters. Documentation can take place by connecting to the TIGTRONIC ORBITAL, TIGTRONIC COMPACT and EVO controllers. Current values can also be saved on a USB stick following a previously defined interval.purge pressure.

  • Extremely easy menu navigation
  • For inert gases and gases containing H2 (max. 10%)
  • Measuring cell made of zirconium oxide (maintenance-free)
  • 3.5" colour touch display
  • USB interface for exporting documentation
  • Digital and analogue interface and Bluetooth for communication with our orbital welding controllers and other PSPS
  • Activation and evaluation exclusively using the digital interface
  • User-definable threshold and alarm adjustment
  • Acoustic signal generator
  • Display has a coloured background outside the target values
  • Autorange 100 – 240 V
  • Input voltage 24 V (POWER supplied by Oxy EVO)
  • Calibrated measuring range 0 – 2,500 Pa



Package includes:

  • Oxygen analyser
  • Power cable
  • Hose set, 3 m, incl. filter and probe
  • Calibration certificate
  • Transport case
  • In-built purge pressure module
  • 3 m measuring hose
  • 6 mm T-piece
  • Calibration certificate (pressure)
  • Item number:
  • 1.2.5003

Technical Data:

Measuring range: 5 ppm - 21% O2
Ambient temperature: 0–45° Celsius
Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.3 mV (EMK Sensor)
Heat-up time: 3-5 min
Response time: approx. 2 seconds for changes
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180mm x 210mm x 85mm without handle
Main voltage Multirange 100-240V AC
Heating cycle load approx. 40VA
Standard load approx. 20VA
Weight 2.1kg
Input voltage 24V (via the Oxy EVO)
Calibrated measuring range 0 – 2500 Pa


for connecting to TIGTRONIC ORBITAL and EVO, 3 m

  • Item number
  • 1.3.5035



for EVO for connecting to
TIGTRONIC BASIC 2–4 controllers

Item number 1.3.5035



for EVO for connecting to
TIGTRONIC ORBITAL 4 and EVO controllers

Item number 1.3.5011

Spare Plastic Hose (Kopie)

for OXY EVO, 3 m, with particle filter and stainless steel probe

  • Item number
  • 1.3.5014

Spare Filter (Kopie)

  • Item number:
  • 1.3.5015

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