Purge Pressure Analyser

Purge Pressure Analyser

Purge Pressure Analyser PPA 2500

The PPA 2500 purge pressure analyser is used for setting an monitoring the ID purge pressure. It replaces the analogue Magnahelic devices traditionally used for applying the ID pressure balancing technique used for producing high-quality “controlled profile” welds on small diameter applications. The connection with the TIGTRONIC ORBITAL and TIGTRONIC COMPACT controllers enables documentation.


Package includes:

  • Purge Pressure Analyser
  • Sampling Hose
  • 6mm T-fitting
  • Calibrations certificate
  • Plastic box
  • Item number:
  • 1.3.5200

Technical Data:

Input voltage 24 V (via the controller)
Measuring range Calibrated 0 – 2500 Pa
Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions (L x B x H) 41 mm x 80 mm x 160 mm

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