Application trainings

To achieve the most from the Orbitec equipment, we offer customer-tailored application trainings. Through our training program we pass our experience on to our customers.

As required, two or three day trainings are offered - trainees receive theoretical and practical training and advice by a team of highly qualified employees with long-standing practical experience in the Orbital welding process technology. For this purpose, Orbitec puts their full range of technical devices and equipment at the disposal of the trainees, including all required peripherals and tools.

In cooperation with the TÜV, Orbitec also provides the environment for the performance of tests according to DIN EN ISO 14732 (test by operators and setters for the mechanical and automatic welding of metal materials).

Our training modules are divided into four sections:

Basics of orbital welding

  • Explanation of the process
  • Process technology, examples of our product range

Preparation of the welding process

  • Selection of the semi-finished products
  • Selection of welding gases
  • Weld joint preparation
  • Correct forming
  • Correct stitching

Weld process

  • Creating a weld schedule
  • Equipment set-up and operation
  • Sample welding with various equipment and material combinations
  • Quality criteria before and after welding
  • Material applicationsAddition of filler materials

Professional tips

  • Experience from practice
  • Special focus areas for the training, specifically in the domain of the pure gas supply  in the manufacturing of semi-conductors or the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. residual oxygen check), or as required by the customer.

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